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Can you drive through on an unpaved road in the middle of the forest with no one to guide you but your co-driver? At speeds near 80-100mph?

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If you think you can, you should try out rallying. It is a motorsport that requires the best skills, along with insane reflex and instincts. With blind hairpins and unpaved roads, this can lead to driver & spectator casualties, and in the worst case, death!


From the forests of rural Germany, to the deserts of Baja, rally drivers and their team compete in timed tests of endurance and persistence. With races that can last 1000 miles or more, and in brutal conditions such as rain, snow, and mud; rally drivers are considered some of the best of the best. And when your only sense of navigation is your co-driver (who reads from a map) you better hope you can make it from point A to point B in one piece.

With the highest death toll among motorsports, rallies are not for the weak of heart! Note how close the spectators are to the drivers, and with no guard rails to protect you, the fans are just as insane.

Check out the videos showcasing some of the thousands of crashes each year!

Longer video showing more spectacular crashes!

Now the question is .. Do You Dare?