Hey hey yall,

Today’s post focuses on a extremely breath taking show known in India as the Well of Death.

Now, what exactly is this Well of Death? It’s a show that’s shown in India during its many carnivals and fairs, and presents spectators a stunning show that seemingly defies all types of physics!

Imagine a tube that’s 25ft high, and 30ft in diameter, built out of wooden planks. Now imagine as cars and motorcycles are racing in that tube, scaling the walls till they almost hit the spectators ! Seems pretty damn wild now doesn’t it?

Photo by Lakshman

Now how does it work? Well basically thinking of a washing machine. We all know how the machine works when it’s spinning, right? It basically applies to this extreme side show. Centrifugal force acts to keep the cars and motorcycles glued to the wall, and this act creates an extremely dazzling and fun performance!

Check out the vids of this chaotic event!

Now the question is… DO YOU DARE?