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“Roofers are guys who do not care about height, they conquer all buildings and make frightening images though some of them you might have already seen.” Roofing has become a trend in Russia resulting in some of the most breath-taking photographs taken. These roofers are usually not professional climbers and put themselves in danger to capture these pictures.

Now the question is… DO YOU DARE?

India’s Well of Death

Hey hey yall,

Today’s post focuses on a extremely breath taking show known in India as the Well of Death.

Now, what exactly is this Well of Death? It’s a show that’s shown in India during its many carnivals and fairs, and presents spectators a stunning show that seemingly defies all types of physics!

Imagine a tube that’s 25ft high, and 30ft in diameter, built out of wooden planks. Now imagine as cars and motorcycles are racing in that tube, scaling the walls till they almost hit the spectators ! Seems pretty damn wild now doesn’t it?

Photo by Lakshman

Now how does it work? Well basically thinking of a washing machine. We all know how the machine works when it’s spinning, right? It basically applies to this extreme side show. Centrifugal force acts to keep the cars and motorcycles glued to the wall, and this act creates an extremely dazzling and fun performance!

Check out the vids of this chaotic event!

Now the question is… DO YOU DARE?

Like A SpiderMan

Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai, is the tallest building in the world since its official opening on January 4,2010. If you have seen the movie Mission Impossible 3, there was one exciting sceme of Tom Cruise climbing Burj Khalifa using high-tech gadgets. It was not edited with animation,Tom Cruise was actually filmed on Burj Khalifa. Here is the behind the scenes of the movie.

You think that’s pretty cool? How about climbing it without the fancy equipment used for movie?  Alain Robert, a French rock and urban climber known as “the French Spider-Man” accomplished this feat on March 28, 2011. To comply with UAE safety laws Robert, who usually climbs in free solo style, took the unusual step of using a rope and harness for the climb. It took him 6 hours to reach the tallest point on Burj Khalifa. Here is the official video of Alain Robert climbing Burj Khalifa Dubaï.


Moab is known as a Utah adventure capitol, offering activities such as biking the Slickrock Trail, off-road routes and the Moab Jeep Safari, rafting down the Colorado River and hiking to Delicate Arch – Utah’s famous icon. From scenic parks to adventure, Moab Utah offers something for everyone.
Moab (Utah)

Of all the excitement around the area, we want to share the adventure of Devin and his partners. They recently accomplished an epic swing there. Check out the video they made.

It sure looks a lot of fun flying through the canyons.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel weightless? Along with its therapeutic usages, an isolation tank is used for meditation and relaxation purposes. The subject is asked to stay inside a lightless, soundproof tank filled with salt water at skin temperature.

Under the most dangerous conditions, the sensory deprivation may cause panic and have bizarre reactions to the tanks. People undergoing their first experience are often cautioned to not mix the journey with hallucinogenics because hallucinatory reactions are reported quite commonly already. While some people are relaxed enough to fall asleep, others do not have pleasant experiences.

So how about you?

Are you afraid of the dark?

Would you be comfortable with the deafening silence within its chamber?

How about being a tiny, egg-shaped floatation chamber for an hour?

Ultimately, the question is — do you dare to deprive yourself of your senses?

A man’s epic and frightening experience. Please excuse the language.

Now, this sport may not seem extreme or daring, but it is definitely an unsual and crazy activity! Sport stacking or speed stacking, is a sport where players are supposed to stack cups in certain formations in the least amount of time or before their opponent. Seems simple right? Well, there are players out there like,Steven Purugganan, who can stack cups in 5.93 seconds!  There are even rules that all players must follow set by the World Sport Stacking Association.  So do you think you could challenge Steven Purugganan?

Do you dare?

Check out the video below of Steven Purugganan setting a world record!

Living Life on the Edge

Ever feel like getting closer to a waterfall? Enjoy living life on the edge?

It’s possible at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe during dry seasons. It is known as the “Devil’s Swimming Pool” as tourists dive in to the water and are pushed by the currents until they are eventually stopped by a natural rock wall.

Many tourists try this including children. So how about you? Do you dare?

Ghost Pepper

The ghost pepper is a chili pepper previously recognized by Guinness World Records as the hottest pepper in the world. It is 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.Here’s a video of Jamie Kocher, CEO of the Waimea Bay Chili Pepper Company, eating one!

Do you dare take a bite?

I think for most of us, we think of Iron Man as the superhero from the famous Marvel comics of our childhood.
This guy here,

But what does it truly mean to be an Iron Man?

Well, let’s see!
Can you swim 2.4 miles? How about bike 112 miles? Or run a marathon which is 26.2 miles?
Now, what if you had to do all three in a matter of 17 hours?
This my friends is the Ironman Triathlon!

Do you have what it takes to persevere and not give up?
Do you have the drive to go above & beyond your limits?

FACT: A new world record was set during the Ironman Austria Triathlon of 2011. The 34-year old Vanhoenacker completed the course with a record of 7 hours, 45 minutes, and 58 seconds.

Will you take the challenge?

Do you dare to be next Iron Man?