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A new sport has emerged called slacklining. It is when people use a very thin nylon webbing string across two anchor points with extreme tension. You might have seen Andy Lewis, a professional slackliner, performing during the Super Bowl Halftime Show during Madonna’s performance. The sport requires great balancing skills as well as no fear. Slacklining originated in Yosemite, where people string the nylon line between two trees. Do you think you could do amazing tricks all while on an extremely thin wire? Or even above hundreds of feet? Check out the clip below from the Super Bowl!

Do you dare?


Underwater Wonders

Diving itself is a dangerous ‘sport,’ but when it is mixed with exploring uncharted territory, extremely cold temperatures, low-visibility conditions, little space, frolicking with wild animals, and limited air supply, you have what is known as Cave Diving. The invention of the sport started when somebody was attempting to get rid of a dead body. According to PBS, cave diving is more dangerous than climbing Mount Everest. Because of all its associated risks and nature, the National Speleological Society defines a successful cave dive as “one you return from.”

Would you like to take a swim with dangerous animals?

Would you be curious enough to explore all the wonders that blue holes hold?

Most importantly, do you dare?

Heli-skiing is not your average run down, bunny hill. Heli-skiing invovles a helicopter, perfect powder, and an extremely long way down the mountain. Heli-skiing has become extremely popular since its beginning in the 1960s, and is one extreme way to ski down a mountain. There is also the option of heli-boarding, which involves snowboarding instead of skiing. People enjoy the rush of jumping out of a helicopter and cruising down the mountain at high speeds. Do you think you could handle it?

Do you dare? 


We’ve all heard of the bullfighting in Spain, but we’ve probably never heard of a spectacle known as Jallikattu. The “sport” takes place in India’s Tamil Nadu province, and while you may think Spanish bullfighting is dangerous, participants of Jallikattu not only run with the bulls, but they get dangerously close in an attempt to subdue the crazed beasts to grab the money tied to their horns. (Note: These bulls have chili peppers rubbed into their eyes and are force-fed alcohol and afterwards have their testicles  pinched.)

(Un)fortunately for the daring, the use of bulls in performances are now prohibited due to aggressive campaigning on behalf of PETA. It seems like if you want to run with the bulls now, you’ll just have to settle for good ol’ Spain.


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Is it scary?


Will you get hurt?

Most likely.

But ultimately, do you dare?

Attention Adrenaline Junkies!

Love roller coasters because of the adrenaline rush that it gives you as it plunges down at an incredible speed? Try going down in skates! Beware: this is not for the average thrill seeker!

Do you dare?

Adrenaline junkie skates

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Zorbing it up or more like down!!!

Imagine rolling down a hill. How unpleasant and bumpy of a ride that would be.

Now imagine being placed in a huge plastic ball and being thrown down a hill at 50 kilometers per hour, while at the same time stroriginated from New Zealand. The sport basically consists of an inflated ball with another ball in the inside. The inner ball has a seat so you can be safely strapped. Between the two plastic balls is an air gap that provides the necessary cushion that absorbs the impact while going downhill.

However, it does not end here.  No, no my friends. There is more to this exciting sport.

If you are the person that likes to be more extreme and take things up into a new level, well Hydro-Zorb ball is exactly for you. This is very much the same inflated ball with the inner ball. However, the twist is that not only do they add a couple of gallons of water inside, but you are strapless while going downhill.  This sure sounds like one exciting ride.

So, the question is: Do you dare?