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Underwater Wonders

Diving itself is a dangerous ‘sport,’ but when it is mixed with exploring uncharted territory, extremely cold temperatures, low-visibility conditions, little space, frolicking with wild animals, and limited air supply, you have what is known as Cave Diving. The invention of the sport started when somebody was attempting to get rid of a dead body. According to PBS, cave diving is more dangerous than climbing Mount Everest. Because of all its associated risks and nature, the National Speleological Society defines a successful cave dive as “one you return from.”

Would you like to take a swim with dangerous animals?

Would you be curious enough to explore all the wonders that blue holes hold?

Most importantly, do you dare?


Dangerous Eating

Would you eat a dish that if not prepared correctly it could kill you? Well, fugu is right for you! Fugu is the Japanese word for puffer fish, and it can be lethal if not prepared carefully. However, people enjoy the dish because of the taste and the unique sensations it gives you, such as tingling of the mouth. If you ingest fugu that has not been properly prepared, you will become paralyzed, yet be fully conscious. Eventually, you will die of asphyxiation, or the inability to breath. Many Japanese people have already died due to fugu poisoning. Is trying this Japanese delicacy worth the risk?

Do you dare?