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The IPECAC Challenge

Hey guys,

Well we’re back in action to present you with another bile inducing, rectum cringing dare. After the popularity of the “Cinnamon Challenge” subsided, thrill seekers and masochists needed a new outlet. Nights of alcohol binging and buffet swarming have led to the fruition of the IPECAC challenge.

“IPECAC? What the hell is that?” In short, Ipecac is an emetic, in other words, a laxative. The catch is, instead of pooping it all out, people vomit it all out. Ipecac works by “acting locally by irritating the gastric mucosa and centrally by stimulating the medullary chemoreceptor trigger zone to induce vomiting.”

First popularized by Family Guy in this clip:





Of course!

Now, for the challenge:

Another video of the challenge; warning, might actually induce vomiting!

Now the question is,

Do You Dare?


Cinnamon Challenge

“So what is this so called Cinnamon Challenge?” you might ask.
Cinnamon apple pie? Cinnamon rolls?
To eat as many until you can eat no more?

Well, no my friends.
It consists of none of the above. However, it is a very simple task or what appears to be simple for many.

You begin by simply filling a tablespoon of full ground cinnamon.
The goal is to swallow the cinnamon WITHOUT vomiting or inhaling it.
Difficult or easy?

This is what you end up at the end of the challenge…

Do you dare?

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