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Stairway to Heaven

Going up stairs does not sound fun at all but rather boring and tiresome. Remember that feeling of finally reaching the 40th step? 50th step? 100th step? Oh, the feeling of being out of breath, the need for water, and sore hamstrings.
Doesn’t sound pleasant does it?

So, why is it that many people still make it their challenge to do some crazy hike that involves pretty much only stairs. Maybe it’s the excuse that it’s in Hawaii! Or maybe it is the simple thrill of being at such high altitudes and having a nice view from above.  Whatever the reasons may be, people begin their 3,922-step journey at the bottom of the Haiku Valley in the island of O’ahu . This is not a simple stair hike but a rather steep vertical trail where eventually some of the stairway steps become invisible in the midst of the fog.  Although it is originally named the Haiku Stairway, however, for this very reason many have also come to know of it as the Stairway to Heaven.

So, the final question is: Do you dare to take the thrill?




Zorbing it up or more like down!!!

Imagine rolling down a hill. How unpleasant and bumpy of a ride that would be.

Now imagine being placed in a huge plastic ball and being thrown down a hill at 50 kilometers per hour, while at the same time stroriginated from New Zealand. The sport basically consists of an inflated ball with another ball in the inside. The inner ball has a seat so you can be safely strapped. Between the two plastic balls is an air gap that provides the necessary cushion that absorbs the impact while going downhill.

However, it does not end here.  No, no my friends. There is more to this exciting sport.

If you are the person that likes to be more extreme and take things up into a new level, well Hydro-Zorb ball is exactly for you. This is very much the same inflated ball with the inner ball. However, the twist is that not only do they add a couple of gallons of water inside, but you are strapless while going downhill.  This sure sounds like one exciting ride.

So, the question is: Do you dare?